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Mar. 8th, 2014 01:30 am

Player name:Aero

AIM contact:daviddarsh

Alternate contacts:None

Character name:Willis Clades

Source canon:Iteration/Inheritance (OC)

Community tag:Willis Clades

Do I want a HMD:No

Additional more Spoilery information here

Background:Willis presents himself as a completely ordinary hobo. One that happens to be a mercenary, and owns a giant robot that apparently uses nanomachines to function - but a hobo none the less. The additional benefits of this is that his body is also filled with nanomachines. As a result, despite being a man in his 30s he doesn't look a day over 19. He's spent a better part of those 30 something years wandering around the world, exploring new places, and generally avoiding areas where certain companies have sway. If asked about this he usually just says that he has an irrational fear of corporate systems. That and stuck up business women.

According to him, he was formerly an ESUN pilot and even went through the ESUN’s pilot academy, but has long since severed ties with them. Thankfully he has the records to prove this, even if they are nearly 20 year old records. The machine he pilots presently seems to use somewhat unique technology but where he got it from is a mystery. Or at least that’s what he wants people to think. There are only so many companies that work with nanomachines in robots after all. However he prefers to keep the answer and that particular part of his past to himself.

Not surprisingly, he was involved in the DC War; however, he found himself assisting both sides from time to time. Simply due to taking any request from either side. Willis credits his survival in the DC War to the mysterious self healing ability of his machine.

Other than that though, Willis is simply a poor merc going from  job to job to get a paycheck so that he can survive another day. When he learned of the Unity Group he simply saw a place where he could make a few bucks, do some good, and stay hidden away from his past. It was the perfect opportunity and he couldn’t pass it up.

Original canon background: More seekrit stuff

Personality: Despite his past Willis is a rather laid-back and upbeat person. Not exactly the demeanor that one would expect from someone who was a former merc and soldier. It's something he was raised with, and he's the type to find brooding over things not very beneficial to one's life. As such, he rarely takes day to day life all that seriously. He's very playful and will be the first to crack a joke, tease someone over minor things, or simply mess with people for fun. He does not exclude himself either, making fun of himself is a favourite pastime of his and he has no problems speaking his mind. More often than not this makes him seem like a bit of idiot. He randomly blurts out observations and makes terrible statements without reading the situation at all.

Willis is also quite melodramatic, he'll make a big deal out of something minor or even put on a big act just to get someone to do something. The man genuinely seems to enjoys messing around with and rubbing people the wrong way. Though it’s never with any real hostile intent.

That being said, he does try his best to interact with others and be friendly with them. If people are willing to take his advice, he's willing to give it to them. Whether or not that advice is helpful is debatable. Willis goes out of his way to avoid ever talking about the more sore spots of his past. If he can, he tries to direct the conversation away from it. On the other hand, he'll often vaguely reference more upbeat events. He holds a lot of nostalgia for his past; even if he’ll never admit it.

It's because of this that he's very protective of those he consider his comrades. Of course, this leads to him being very reckless when these situations arise. He'll be the first to throw himself in the way of danger if it means keeping his friends safe.

At the same time, he’ll do his best to push them away as well if they get too close. Both for his own benefit and theirs. After being burned several times with very close relationships, he finds that it’s just easier to keep people he cares about a bit further away. Even if this means playing the idiot or doing something that would sour people’s opinion of him.

Unfortunately Willis is also quite stubborn. If he's set on doing something he will do it. To say that he has a one-track mind would be an insult to tracks. At least they can have some deviation. Trying to talk him down from something he's put his mind to is usually a hopeless endeavor. For better or worse, once he's set out to do something he'll usually get it done.

Willis also tends to underplay himself...a lot. If he can successfully fly under the radar then that counts as a win in his mind. This stems from his time in the military academy. Where not having a bit of modesty meant that you were painting a large target on your head.

This trait is most apparent in how he fights. He prefers to not use any flashy abilities until he needs them and considers his enemies underestimating him as one of the greatest advantages. In comparison, he gives a tremendous amount of respect to his enemies and what they can do. He’ll gladly hold himself back if it means that he’ll have a better fight with them. His own fighting style reflects this trait as well. Willis prefers fighting with only a single weapon to leave his other hand free so that he can quickly adjust to any situation.

Capabilities and Resources:He has the natural benefits of being the Core of a REDACTED machine. His aging has been decelerated dramatically and he generally heals up a lot faster than a regular human.

Naturally, as a former soldier he has had firearms training and can hold his own in close quarters combat due to the nanomachines in his body increasing his physical capabilities to peak human potential. He’ll still have quite a bit of trouble dealing with real Superhumans though.


Unit Name:Strahlend

Unit Description:A very simple machine with little more than it’s armor to protect itself. The machine does not seem to have any thrusters and is forced to run around to get where it wants to. Willis usually relies on borrowing mass produced weapons for combat or simply just beating things up with his bare fists. The machine is surprisingly durable and seems to have some sort of self-repair system built into it. From time to time Willis also seems to conveniently find new weapons from out of nowhere.

Overall the machine just...seems bland. Even it’s appearance seems barren, like it should have more equipped onto it’s frame. Willis however denies this and insists that the machine is just like that. Whether he’s telling the truth or not...only time will tell.

Size:L (30m)

Terrain compatibility:





Favored terrain:Ground

Upgrades:For Mod eyes only

Mission requirement:None

Suggested Event List:Over here

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